I Took a Turn


Gone so far in this journey.
I realised it was not the way I wanted to go.
And I have come this far.
To be or not to be?
And I have come this far.
Years in this journe,
With lots of sweat and labour,
With much commitment and focus,
Yet it is the wrong path.
To go on is to fail.
Oh pain!
To get it right is to go back.
And I have come this far.

Then I took a turn
Back to the right path
Then I have the joy my heart always long for.
Then I found fulfilment.
Then I found meaning of my life.
Then I found my feet established among the successful.
Then I found me.

It is never too late.
No, it is not.
You can still make a turn and get the best of yourself.
If you find out you are on the wrong path,
Take courage, turn now.

1 month ago
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