Broken In-laws

       Sometimes I can't help but laugh at human and the way they choose to do things.  This story is a funny story of how some in-laws use their hands to undo themselves, if I may say. T
      Tiwatope loss her parents at the teen age.  They were rich people who left great wealth for her and her brother. As if they knew they  were going to die,  they wrote a will to guide them on the wealth sharing. The lawyer was a close friend of the father (He adopted them to take care of them),  he was faithful  to the dead,  he managed the properties until they were ripe.  At the ripe and matured  age,  he gave them what belong to them without holding anything back. He occasionally look into what they were doing with what they had inherited so they won't  go out of the direction. You know what can happen when youths are not guided.
      Tiwatope met Dayo in the bank,  he works in one of the banks she use as a contract  staff. They get going and it got to the level of marriage. With this relationship, the level of Dayo change, the wealth of Tiwa rubbed on him.  She brought him to the company as a manager, they were doing fine. Tiwa put love first, so she was not riding him.  The wedding came up and it was a big success.
      Thank God for that phase. Like a plague, the in-laws came upon her. They came into the house and rode on her head if I may say. They believed their brother was the all in all. He was the head and he is rich, so the wife should  abide under them.  Like seriously, I don't  know why some in-lwas find it a pleasure to disturb the wife of their son. Even if your son is rich can you be the wife? He has the right to his own life.
     They did not regard her.  Burst into her kitchen, do what they liked,  show her no respect. In fact some of them took it up like they wanted to beat her or something, making her a rival- a gold digger who have come to reap what he had not down. You know the stupid  feeling of feeling on top the world that your brother is rich and so the wife can go and die.  If she mess up another will come in within a short  time, possibly their friend.
​​​        The husband's  siblings  came to pitch their tent in their young home.  They brought different friends to the house.  Play music on top of the speaker, litter everywhere, the wife dare not give caution. If she complained, she knew what to get.
     Tiwa spoke to the husband about it. He rebuked the sibling but they did not change. Rather they went to report to their mother who came there to say negative words into the life of anyone who will not allow her children to have peace. She told the story of how she suffered and now that her God had answered her prayer why would anyone not allow her children have their way.Tiwa was irritated, she had not bargain for this.  She wanted a peaceful life with her family. She had lost the father at a young age so she wanted a father in a husband  but it was not it. She tried all she could to stop this but she could not cope. The guys would go out with her car and sometimes crash  it, she was spending more on what added no value to her,  she was the financial backing. The husband could not stop them. They were milking him, sending message of needs from the village and if he said no,  they would put all on the wife as the one who did not allow him to give as he should,  that she was mean and that she would leave the house if she would not allow the man do what he had to do for them. 
     It was like a rope on the neck,  it was choking her, she decided to act before they removed the stool she was standing on. You know,  the husband  did not tell the family in other to keep  his head high. Tiwa planned all she wanted do in her mind. She took all her necessary documents, package her load,  and travelled out of the country. She decided not to take Dayo because he was the rope that connect them to him and aside that, he could not take firm decision in cautioning his sibling. There presence was not the issue but their attitude. They were just too raw, lousy and ill-mannered. Before going,  she had moved out her valuable bit by bit, all her personal own cars and more. She had met some top workers in her place of work to terminate  Dayo's appointment with the company. So while she was there, Dayo was sacked. She told Dayo she was traveling but did not reveal her plan. One morning,  a group  of men,  came to the house and told them to evacuate  the house, it had been sold. It was one of the houses Tiwa inherited. Dayo was almost mad.  He tried to put a call to Tiwa,  but there was no response. Reality dawn on them and him. He did not have above two hundred  thousand  in his account,  his family had been living on him.  The family came to know that the main person as per money and finance was the wife they had been bad to but she was gone. 
        Dayo's people,  came together to apologise,  claiming they were sorry but she was too far as at that moment. When her close persons spoke with her,  she simply  responded, they  can go there way.  They came begging because of what to get and not because they really  love her. That was the end of the marriage. 
      Dayo began to use one of his cars for taxi before the application he submitted in other places would click, he hated his people  and cut connection from them.  They were his misfortune. The siblings could not cope in school again have to drop out and began to do what they could lay hands on. It was a fortune turns bad for them because they lack courtesy.

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