Take Control of Your Home.

Dear Parents,
            How are you dear parents, hope you are doing fine? I am sure your food stuff are still enough and you have enough money to spent till the time I will come visiting? 
       Dear parents, I am writting  to you concerning my wife. I need you to rebuke  her for me,  she keeps malice,  quarrel  with neighbors. Do so many things the way she like many times.  I need you to intervene, to speak common sense to her brain. I don't know how you will get here, I am saying this because of the stress of the way. May be I will send my driver to pick you up
         Rest your mind, don't fight with anyone. Be happy.  I will send the driver  soon. 
                                                     Your son 
Parents to son
Dear son, 
     How are you and your family? Hope your sons and wife are doing fine? We still have abundant of food and money, thank you for always caring about us. 
          Jide we received your letter with great disappointment.  Son,  know within you without doubt, that we love you  and care about you and your family  but we do not find it good enough for us to put our mouth into your family  matter as you want us to.  
        You are the man of the house,  you should be able to handle  matter in your home maturely. You are the head and the potential  to be is in you. You married your wife, you should be able to control her in the right  way. 
       We would have so love to be able to do this but we can not. We have also given you the proper training, you should handle whatever it might be. Hope this is not the way you are calling others into your family matter?
      Your family  business is your family  business. Sharing it with others is trying to create hole in the wall,  and many lizards will come right in.  With love which you began, call your wife and iron out things with her. Check yourself, hope you are not the problem with her. Iron out issue of your family with your wife not external parties. 
     If you have tried and nothing happened  and it is glaring that something had to be done then we can help out, speak to her and go back home but as at now handle it. Your parents are not the next to call if you see anything in your home.  Iron it out with your wife, please and give us feed back.
You must have gotten our message son. We are not going to come with the driver,  we have sent this letter through  him to you. 
Take care care of your wife,  love her always, take care of your kids,  love them altogether.  
Don't forget to say your prayers. It shall be well with you.  
                         Your parents 

one year ago
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