My Love and Secret keeper.

       Among those who knew me then,  I was very popular. A popular messenger of death,  I killed for a living - I mean that was where I get my money. Stubborn activist who wanted to mar a political tenure, opposition who had  the voice with the people, learned ones who won't keep quiet on corruption cases, an advantage business partner that must be cleared, all and more were wiped  away  by me. I worked hard to let them go beyond the ocean without a trace. Aside that I got a way of making people  look away from the killer to another.  Master minding these works were not difficult, it was what I did for a living. I majored in this and I have a fair good life. I charged abundantly for my work and they paid. My clients knew they stand the chance of been exposed if they messed with me,  I don't give a shit,  I will get them all exposed. When you see the record  of some of them,  then you will pity,  they are more of a blood suckers,  life means nothing when any stands as an opposition. In this time of sensitivity,  everybody seemed to be under questioning. I run a boutique  to cover up. It is a heavy boutique. I some times went there to see how they fairing, my manager was my younger sister so I have no fear. 
          One faithful day,  while coming out of the boutique, I met a young lady, about 22, I got interested, I am not used to that,  I gave her a ride and I just feel pleased  with her and we exchanged contact. From there I just wanted to have more of that. I am not used to that, whenever  I wanted to have a moment  with women I go into harlots with protection  counting my time. That was all, after that I move away doing some other things. This one, Josephine held to me and I gave it a chance.  It was a happy moment, but all was with caution, she must not know who I was, it was delicate.  I made her had the mind that I ran that boutique as a source of income.  Being a young girl,  she believed  me and we kept moving. I take jobs  when we were dating and made her feel I had to travel to meet my suppliers. She believed as she had no reason to doubt. To her I was harmless and she loved me that way so do I.

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My Love and Secret keeper. Ep 1
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My Love and Secret keeper. Ep 2
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