I am not abiku, 
Whatever binds us, disregard.
I am for vengeance; 
A consequential child. 
Who came to pay back the pain you caused. 

When I was sure hope to come, 
All things set in me and for me,
You cut me down for your powers,
Making my to be parents grieved.
I grieved for them,  they were ones I love.

But then, what can I do?
I will fight for them.
Here I am doing it. 
And I have just began.
This is just third time and you weep sore.

Man,  marry ten of them,
And I will appear.
Until you apease those you make weep. 
Just for your power.
You cut off great joy.

Until you say to them,
I killed her for my power,
And now the one I abort in her makes me cry,
Please show mercy.

If they show,  I rest, 
If they show not,
I will renew my strength.
For you can't conquer vengeance
Until creator of all day stops it. 

2 months ago
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