Gold for Iron

      Five young men were set on a treasure field. Each had a portion to himself. Each portion was layered with five treasures; iron, ivory, diamond, silver, and gold.  They were meant to dig out the treasures and whosoever quitted would go with all that was dug out by others.  The next treasure was surely more than all taken by one who had quitted. The gap between the treasures varied so the next ones was never easy one to get to.
     The first man got iron and on digging to ivory, he got tired, ‘the iron will do. I have gotten something’ (he went with what was dug by the five). He left happy - not too bad he didn’t go empty. Not long after he had gone, they got to the layer of ivory: excited! They kept digging, when they got to the measured level of where they got ivory and found nothing, the 2nd man took ivory and left. The three dug on and came in contact with diamond, the 3rd man did not bother to dig on, he chose to take the diamond and left. ‘Let me go with this’. The 4th man and the 5th kept on digging, not to long after that, they came in contact with silver. Oh joy! The two dug on as if the case of gold would be like that but it was like the journey of no fruits. The 4th man chose to go with silver. The 5th man  raised his head and said 'let us share this in as much it looked as if nothing was coming up, I take mine and you, yours' but he said no, he was the  first to speak so like others, he had to go with all. He went with all. That is that situation where rejection or disappointment pains us but they turn out blessing in disguise if we continue to do the right thing.
      'Will I go with nothing?’ the 5th man asked himself.  He bent on digging. Then he began to come in contact with stones. Discouraging, isn’t it? Stones instead of treasures! Stones has  never been mentioned as treasure. Then came  a rock that must be broken. He toiled so hard to break the rock. After  that came moisture soil followed by water.  That he must dig pass. He felt like quitting. Water again?  Water though multi-useful is never gold. He had to think again, will I go empty? Others had gone with treasure. He was tired, hungry, lonely - others had gone. His hope fluctuated, would he ever get anything, this one water was coming up again. He kept digging, not far from the water he came in contact with some rough things, no, they were not gold, he could not define them but they helped his hope come alive. Then on deep and deep, he met gold sited on  it throne in it majesty. The 5th man shouted for joy. Energy suddenly came upon him. Digging out the gold was much of a work on it own, it was mighty. 
       It was like a reward for all he had dug for others, his portion and more. It quantity surpass all that had been taken by all of them together and of course the quality is not like others. The four were like, 'we should have waited, we should have endured' and all that but, that was gone. He had paid the price and he got the gold. This was far above all that they had gotten all together. 
     Then it comes to mind if only we can do the work of gold, have the patience of gold, endure the trial of gold without considering other options, we would become the envy of others.

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