Costly Mistake

       The call of God was heavy on Pastor Joseph. It was obvious the Lord was with him as a vessel unto honour. He confirmed his words with signs and wonders. After about five years of working under a ministry, the Lord told him to start his own ministry of healing and deliverance. The Lord was with him all the way working great work with him. Having gain grand in the area he was, he decided to move to bigger place. He sought for counsel from those who knew about that and they found a place.  The place was like ideal place, it was in the strategic place, people can quickly locate it and more. He was happy and got going to purchase it but the Lord told him, ‘Do not move there’. He saw reasons to argue and think he could convince God or maybe he thought he convinced God to let him move there but same God, same word  'Do not move there.’ His will prevailed, he moved there and that was it.  The thriving ministry became struggle, it became war.  His ministry war in that place and the fire of it turn low. The great glory that was coming with it went to down. After then he did all he could but they did not work. The ministry had promise to be a global ministry, was striving at a corner of a town. That single heart of disobedience brought him to the place his glory should not be. Watch it, are you fully following God today in your ministry or just doing your own thing, doing it as it seemed right in your eyes? Pastor Joseph never rose from his fall like Saul, when he disobeyed God, he never found favour again. Take the step as God wants it, lest you have no second chance.

10 months ago
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