My Orange Tree

I  planted an orange tree,
Right in front of  my house.
All eyes coming in and out could see it.
One thing about it was,
When it was time to fruit,
It brought out one; okan soso. 
Mouth laughed and talked in despise.
Despite all the care, you brought forth one. 
But I believed in it.
The mother tree was so fruitful,
That was why I pick it fruit. 
I began to add what could boost it to it root.

The next year, it brought two,
 before ripe one was lost. 
People began to say, this and that.
I believed in it.
I continue to do the things that would make it get my desire fruits. 
It continued in it way,
I continued in my way. 
A year came that it brought forth nothing at all. 
They mock me,  leaving the tree. 
Cut this tree or is there something?
It touched me but it did not weary me. 
May be what they were saying was telling.
So I spoke positivity to it,  you share bear multi-desirable fruit. 
I intensified what I needed do with great hope. 
The mother tree was fruitful.
So it would be.
Then it brought five. 
It was a big thing for me but it was not yet there. 
I kept doing what would make it prosper more.

Then came this year of not going back. 
It fruit above hundred. 
Miracle or what?
I was so happy like I had a new baby.
People wondered. 
Their words changed, 
Then I did one funny thing,
I tied red and black cloth on it. 
No one touch it except me.
Because I know the multitude of fruits attracts multitude of eaters. 
Let those who never saw the good in this tree not come and be saying it fruit makes the mouth sweat or sour,
To the pain of the tree. 

The tree seemed to know my efforts.
It kept bringing fruits in hundreds 
I could not eat alone,
So I sell to others.
I couldn't stop thinking, 
That tree that seemed barren,
Now mother of juicy children,
Able to sweeten my mouth and pocket.
If only one never give up on what one believed in.

10 months ago
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