Man had conquered many things.
Man had conquered beasts.
He has conquered aliens.
He had conquered man,  race, even nation.
Man had conquered angel,  Jacob turned Israel.
Man must battle and win to enjoy life,  Ogun laye. 

Man cannot ,
And will never conquer retribution.
Just as he cannot conquer the truth. 
The consequence of his deed will always  prevail. 
If he escapes,
His fruits will not. 

Tell me, 
Are not many out there, 
Drinking of the bitterness their father squeeze to life. 
Many more known to you.
No matter how they struggle,  it will not end,
Until it time lapse. 

Who wins it,  tell me? 
It may break at stand,
Or wait for years when it would be potent enough to break and marred. 
You see how 70 destinies of Ahab descendant were cut short. 
Sons of David help in destroying one another by nemesis.
And you may tell of the ones you have seen or heard. 

The only way is abstinence from evil deed. 
If not, the battle one do not win is awaiting. 

11 months ago
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