Epistle: From Son and Mother.

Dear mother,
      Mami how are you?  Hope you are fine? All glory be to God for a good life.
      Mami, I am sorry for ever disobeying one out of those words of counsel you gave me. You were patient with me and good to me but I fail to responds to those words and followed my own way. It was pleasurable to me, I followed the path but the end of it was destruction. It sweatened me, I enjoyed it, now I am paying for it. 
       I have learnt my lessons in a hard way. You  know where I am now, I suffered hell. I knew that I had missed it from the time I became wise in my own eyes. I follow those friends who knew not where, what they do, will lead them. It has led some to death, here I am in the village prison.
      I am made to wake as early as four o'clock to serve those I met in the prison. Even right in there, they live as king,  subjecting the new ones to a slave life. They can wake us at any time to do that they wish of us. Mother, I serve people I do not even know, people I am older than in an incovinent states. I have suffered in this few weeks that I wished I had listen to you.
  I abused my freedom by misusing it. Here I have no freedom at all, I watch all I do, lest I offend a boss or a warder. There are times you brought me food and it ended in the stomach  of senior inmate. I sleep without food many times and if I eat, it is just to feed, the worms not to fatten the body. I missed home. I ate to satisfaction. I am sorry for not listening to you.
   I have become like a sheep. I dare not disobey instructions. If I do, I will pay heavily. If it is to the warder, the punishment can come in different forms. Bearing of ones life, denying one of food and other benefits, giving double portion of work to one. If it is one of the senior innate, they will jointly beat one. Now, I have one of my teeth removed, by heavy punch from one of them. When I got there, I behaved as if I was at home, jump up at all opportunities to fight or make trouble. They watched me at first to know my type, then they brought me so low. I learnt very fast and never did those again.
   Countless, mother countless are the things that made wished I had listen to you. Now I learnt in a hard way. When the six month is over, I shall return home, to learn a vocation and build a life. Forgiveall my offences. 
     Take care mother.
                                                                                                                                Your son

  my Dear Son,
        How are you dear son? I hope all is well with you?   I know the condition  of the  prison is not good but I belief you will still be fine in your own way. 
         Son,  I must say here that I am happy you have come to the realization of the truth. I am your mother,  I had never wished you evil.  All the rebuke were simply out of love. I will not watch my life rot before me. Your  repentance as I see in this letter became a consolation for me,  I have been sad since you have left me. I thought to myself, what will end the life of a child like this? Who one and more rebuked but will not listen. What will end a child, who at this young age had gone to the prison? I never know it will be a blessing in disguise. I could see it is a place you never want to go to any more. I thank Atinuke  for this. 
        One of the major things I saw in your letter was your willingness  to learn a vacation . I am so happy about this.  I am advising that you will go back to your passion,  I mean the work you were learning before you abandoned it. You know, to mould houses out of sand, to give it good shape and make it look beautiful is what you love to do. You have sang it into my hear many years,  even since you have been little. Prepare your mind,  I will make the arrangement with baba Sola to take you as an apprentice. 
         Son,  I have been happy many times. I have had moment of joy over your brother an sister and brother but I tell you, your turning a new leaf will give my greater happiness. You have a great future, you are meant die good things. I know you are a child that bring joy to me. Son, I believe in you. 
       You know it is the harvest season now, I am busy with your siblings.  I promise  to check you very soon. Keep to rules and let the lesson positively influence you.  May Atinuke keep you, and avert all evil. Your siblings greet you. Your father also send his greeting in much unhappiness. We all still love you. Take care!
                                                                                                                               Your Mother 

2 years ago
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