Leave me for me.

Pages of my heart filled with pain.
Born into this hostile place.
In doubt, if there is a room for me here.
Queer, they call me.
Disgusting and detestable to most.
Daily in fear, living in danger.
Fear of molestation here, harassment there.
Danger of being killed, defiled.
What have I done wrong?
To have a person I don't have power over.
I try to go your way,
I became less of me.
I dare to be me,
I became the disgust kind.
Oh terrible lot, among people not loving. 

Can't you see my eyes?
Can you feel my pain and let me be?
I would have like to be you,
But the joy of being me is more.
Try my shoe and see I am hurting. 
Be and see how lone I am.

Leave me for me, I plead.
That I might have joy of my essence .
Which thrives in sorrow.
Of knowing that I am unwanted child.

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2 years ago
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