A Marriage Cooked in a Hurry

      My brother, Adebayo had always talked of his love to study and live abroad since we were small. He didn't just talked about it, as he grew up, he worked towards it. After his secondary school, he fought all pressure  to study in Nigeria. He processed his study outside Nigeria through online platform. It clicked. He came home rejoicing and so many many rejoiced with him, but the issue of finances was a big problem. I am from an average  family of civil  servants,  who were  throne here and there by the government. My mum ran to her family,  so also my dad,  he ran to his family and the cooperative society. They were able to raise the money, he finally had his desire granted, he traveled off to study. It was joy for my parents and great responsibility but they bore it all, making sure they granted his heart desire. With the help of God,  he succeeded  in his studies with good grades. And it was joy for all.  My parents told him to stay over there and get a job. There was no point coming to Nigeria to search for job when he could use his result to work over there. He consented and got one. My brother was like a person who had favour in his life,  things worked out well for him.  A good job that could pay his bill and he had more to send  to us. It was joy luxury time for we had money to spent,  courtesy of my brother.  Money became no problem and some other things. By this time, I had finished  my service year. I was working to toward starting my fashion business. That is my passion and this is what I am still doing.  
       When my parents became convinced, that bro Adebayo  had worked enough to get a wife.  They sent message to him to get himself a wife. He would always say he had heard.  They made it clear to him that they would love him you marry a Nigerian lady. He told my parents that he had no problems about that,  when he was set,  he would come to marry. We all believed and waited patiently for the time he would be ripe enough.

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