There was a man, 
Coward was his name.
Not his christen name
but one gotten from who he was.
A man who died many times before his time. 

Did he even take a risk?
No, he feared, it might end not working
Did he ever take a step?
No, he feared he might slip.
Did he ever try?
No, he dread he might fail.
Did he ever conceived a vision ?
No, he could not see the possibility of achieving it
He just lived his life.
With the best of him wasting right inside of him.

He came out, we saw nothing of his past, .
He was present  but his place vacuum.
When he left we did not miss him.
But for the pointer that non should be like him.
His name would have been gone too soon.
We totally forgot him when another of his kind  came to sceen.
He lived most wasted life, because  he could not dare. 

3 months ago
No Episodes in this story
What is life worth without taking risk, daring and doing such?

2 months ago
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