Omu Iya Dun

Mother's breast milk was the first  meal.
The first strength giver,
Life saver,
Rich it is and full of life. 
Living on it made me strong and healthy. 
As I grow I left it,  to swallow  morsel and break bones.
But the taste of it,  I still feel in my mouth.

Mother is ever helpful.
Willing and always ready to help. 
She is the all time counselor and the strong adviser.
Her breast I suck now is not the one that made only the body whole.
It makes my whole life whole. 
It gives me courage in hard time.
It gives me power to kick on.
It saves me from many thing that would have befalling me. 
That breast I will  not stop sucking 
I love the value it adds to me. 
Mothers breast is ever so sweet. 

3 months ago
No Episodes in this story
There is more to true mothers than just being female, they have got another spirit that add meaning to lives.

2 months ago
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