When she Found Love

When she found love
All through her journey before now,
It had been hatred.
I mean walking in darkness.
A blow from right,
A punch from centre.
Always with a tale of sorrow to mourn.
Making it be as if being in the world is a wrong choice.
A place she was not wanted.
The whole of her,
her beauties and treasured all bolted in her.
No one to believe, no love to thrive on.

When she found love,
I mean genuine.
Darkness became shattered,
For love brings light.
Happiness became real.
Then she looked at the mirror and saw not herself,
a new being had born by love.
When she looked in she saw not the girl of pain, bitter, ugly and angry.
she saw her real self, happy, beautiful, loving and strong.
When she looked in she saw not the dummy, empty and worthless as they made her know,
she was herself, intelligent, filled to overflowing and invaluable.
When she found love she found herself , she found all.

3 months ago
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