I have a Boss Now

I have a boss now 
Why act as if you don't know?
I have a boss now 
I say it this time, you may be sure.

I am sorry if I may say, 
But you have eyes.
Can't  you see my finger?
Weldered gold beautifies it.
It is a symbol of love bond, glittering.

I am sorry if I may say
But you have ears.
Didn't you hear of that great celebration? 
Evens the birds in their  nest heard of it.
The celebration  of love between him and me&b, the one my heart pounds for.
Akanfe omo Olapariohungbogbo.

I have a boss
With this your mouth you said congratulations.
And if you note, part of my name had changed.
It didn't end in name.
It has come down to me.
My life has changed.

I have a boss now
I call him lord,  I am no longer 'lawless'.
I have one who ask me questions now, I can do that any  more.
Those days are past, when we work by day and walk by night 
Go alone,
Or call for other friends whose days are on the way to go with you
They still have the time.
I have reach a destination of care.
I will not do things any how.
I am not alone any more.

I have a boss now.
I am happy with him.
I need to be careful to keep being happy.
This little moves should not be a stumble block 
Many things I do before I do no more.
So he told me on his side.
I have a boss now friend I have said good bye  to that life. 
And it is bye forever.

3 months ago
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