A Night to Remember

When asked which day one would never forget particularly night. One night will always come to my mind, night to fear, a night to dread and night not to forget but never to pray for. I used to have casual sex. By this I mean some times when I am coming back from work and felt I wanted to have fun that night,  I passed through a particular  area  of the town and get a young lady of choice. I don't have a specific one, I have my own girlfriend but she was not always in town. Whenever she was away for a long time I do stuff like this and clean mouth.  I had done this a lot of time and paid them off.  No matter how I enjoyed any of them, I never do a comeback. It could lead to unnecessary commitment and intruition.
     This fateful night, I was passing through same side and for fun of the night, I carried a young lady. Slim and fair, moderate in height and beauty. She hopped into the car and moved on with me. I noticed that she wasn't free with me,  I thought  she was new in the business  so I left her to herself.  Her name was Lizzy that was all I got to know.  We got to the house and she was behaving nervous.  She wasn't free,  she wasn't talking much. I went up to undress.  While I was in the room, I heard vehicles packing round my house. I didn’t  bother until I heard a knock on my gate.  I came down and Lizzy was nowhere to be found. I first looked for her with speed, I found her hiding in the guest room (she locked herself in and I have to knock  and knock again before she came out) she was in dread,  that was when I realise that something was up.
     I went out to the gate and found a lot of policemen. For heaven sake who are these? They ordered me in and told me my house was surrounded with police.  Puzzled, my house had been the peace zone, what was this for?

What is this for?

Lead police.
We have the warrant to search your house.

But,  but...

    I showed him my 🆔 card. He took it from me and checked it.  He moved into my house with faces dangerous to question. In the living room.

Lead police
Where is she?


Lead police
Your partner

My partner is in his house.

Lead police
The lady you carried


    I pointed to the guess room. They went in and she was not there.

Lead police
Search every where.

     They went into searching everywhere and found her in the other room crippled with fear.

Take the two of them.

(I questioned in my mind, Two who?) I did not know her ooo.  I just carried her for the night.
     Unknown to me,  she had called her people to come and pick her but they did not show up but I drove around in time.

Lead police
Take the two of them!

     We were taken in their convoy to the station. We were tortured to make confession to the crime but I stood my ground and said I know nothing about her.  I just carried her for the night. The desire for fun died within me.  I forgot I carried the third leg all I wanted was to be free. She confessed to not knowing me, that I was just a good Samaritan. Thank God. I felt relaxed. I am free.

    While I was expecting that, another plague came up.  The lead police who had seen my place of work wanted some money. He codedly told me to drop something. He made me see the case and how it was easy to implicate me. I said no,  I won't drop anything.  I know nothing in the crime. It was a different thing if I am appreciating them for letting me go,  this one that came like threat, I won't take it. I was serious in my heart, they also meant business. When their boss came in, they gave me high level of torture claiming I was proving stubborn.  I kept shouting I knew nothing about it.  It came to a time, I almost said I was part of them because the pain was too much. But no I was not part of them.  Latter, I became weak and began to cry like I never remembered myself do before. They left me to think again, then a junior officer came in and he told me to do what they say or I would be implicated for ever.  He gave few instances. I had to think again. To save my head or not? I overheard them say, "He has the money but he is proving stubborn, he will go with them". About 2 hours latter, they brought in five other guys who I guessed had been with Lizzy. The junior officer told me, "They will join you to these ones"
    It was getting to dawn,  my life was leaving me because that arrogant  man was determined  to send me to prison for his pleasure. I decided to give him 50k for doing "a good job ". "Now you are out"  He worked it out and I was vindicated. I did mobile transfer to his personal account and so I am truly free.
    I called office that I was be late that morning. My face was swollen and bit wounded.  I rest a while and drove down office. The story taught me than other people story could do.  I learnty lesson and only share my fun with my girl and when not around, I reserve it all in

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