Ungrateful Child

A child once said to her mother,
Calculate all the money spent on me,
And I will give you double.
I laughed within me.
You of all children!
We know your story, don’t we?
Even if she could calculate all the money spent,
what of the ones lost to save you?
Can she calculate the pains of nine months?
And you know you spent close to eleven.
Can she calculate the sleepless night?
The nights of dance without drum?
Can she calculate packing your filth?
Something done of love indeed.
Can she calculate her sweat?
What of worries, care and love?
Can she calculate her prayers and heart felt wished?
If she can, then tell me, what is your pay back system for all this?
Children of this day and their folly.
They allow money they have made to replace values,
instead of gratitude to the source.
And dishonors it with pride and shameful thinking.
This same boy had forgotten that we know his story.
The mother to me and many others is a heroine.
She bore many to see him survive.
Can’t forget the day he was sick,
the pain of the mother was more than that of the child.
I had to calm her not to add something else to her own body.
Now that he is grown,
he felt nothing was done to keep him alive.
Can he pay back for that day as well?
The way mothers’ heart beat for their children should not be mocked,
because a child feels he has arrived.
Before your coming,
someone’s heart was already prepared for you.
At your arrival,
someone also got you back.
Kudos to my mother!
I am not ready to pay anything back.
I can only ask for more.
I will pay back not as much as you have given.
Can I pay all that back?
I am so grateful.
You win mother.
You always win!
You are the hero to adore.
And I do.

4 months ago
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