Just a Little Shift

     Looking into my life now, I cannot trace it to where I wanted it to be as my vision stated. I grew up a young boy exposed to knowledge, I mean the eyes opening words that quickly directed my vision and passion to one thing. I hooked to the words of Swami Vivekananda

                        Take up one idea, make one idea yours, think of it, dream
                        of it, live on that idea, let the brain, muscle, nerves, every
                        part of your body be full of that idea and just live other idea
                        alone. This is the way to Success.

     I took that idea to have my studio and produce music as the only idea I have.  I left all others alone. I didn’t just chose this, I had always love good music and as I grew, I knew I wanted to do something related to that. Searching little further, I found there were things done before the songs come out from the studio so good. I loved it instantly and chose it. It was just like finding a true loved,  I glued to it, not allowing anything at all to come in between us not even the will of my parents. It was this vision I allowed to take over me, I thought it, learnt it, dream it, work it and I told whosoever cared. It became the life I lived and I loved it.
     With my love for this came it challenges at the top of the sccale was finance. I am from an average home of civil servant parents. After I had graduated from higher institution, I was largely on my own. I had siblings coming behind me so they were the focus after me. My love for music production won’t allow me to stay on the waiting -for -job queue. I had to do some works -hustle- to get money with the focus to build up my studio. Whenever I had the chance, I produced music for others using my friend's studio and I share the money with him. I gave myself to savings, this really shaped my spending; there was a project ahead. I ate from my parents pot and maintain the few clothes that I had, keeping them clean. I save a lot, there was no coin wasted. I did all these until I was able to set up a small studio of my own. It was like been honored by the president. I was so happy the very day I completed it, everyone could feel it. To some, it might had been, what was this but to me it was dream coming true, vision finding it foot. I told as many as I could, shared it on my social media account and was loud about it. It was what I had built my life around and I am not ashamed of it. I named it, D-Man studio. Upcoming musicians began coming to record their songs. They had heard my works before so I did little job on convincing them to come. Doing  this for a while, I knew within me I needed to support my studio work with another, so I took part time job and kept investing what I got into the studio project. It began to grow with that input, at least I was known in my area as the Ever green –producer.
    And I believed then, it could only be better  as I kept my priority right. I tell you, life is beautiful  when your eyes is one,  your whole body is lighted. And that was the feeling, and that was style, the life I lived then. Whenever I was in the studio, I felt lighted and my whole world brighten up.

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