Cry of a Dad

She waited patiently for dad's return
He had given his promise as usual
"I will be at your end of the year's party"
The day approached, she expected him,
But he didn't come.
A night to the day she cried, "Where is my dad?"
"He will be here"
On the day, she questioned, "Where is my dad. He promised to be here?"
"He will be here"
That is unusual!
Expecting, looking around,
Dad's pet won many prices but dad was not there to cheer.
"He went on official duty?"
A fat lie!
How do one tell a dad's pet that he was gone?
He had gone up, falling by swords of two enemies while serving his father land.
The first; terrorist in the jungle.
The second; terrorist at home.
The ones who use the powers given to them to devour and destroy the people.
The ones who cared less of what happen to anyone once they are fine.
The ones who have all he  power to save but  choose to destroy by greed and selfish thoughts.
The ones called leader who had turn power to sword that must suck blood.
They rule in cruelty and fear no God.

Dad's pet never got over it.
Where is dad?
She would get over it with time.
She did not,  the vacuum,  she could not fill.
Who else can fill the place of a father?
Her life changed
The happy one became unhappy.
The bright one became dull.
Her life really changed to the worry of the mother.
She couldn't help but tell of his death may be it would change the face.
It crushed her heart greatly'
it drains the spirit, giving unloving transformation.
Dad's pet carry the mourn of dad forever.
Never looking nor living the same afterwards.
Adieu father who died an avoidable death.
Then I heard a voice.
There are thousands like this.
Made miserable by death on serving the land.
They go on the mission for the nation in sincererity and truth.
And that was the last time seen as living.
Died with all in them, plunging the lives, hope and joy of many into darkness.
Take courage, pick up hope.
Let love fill your heart even though it is hard.
Be strong and happy.
For if you have lost any
God didn't allow you lose all.
Put off the mourning and call for the peace of this land
Call for a change.
So the evil that destroyed the gone
Will not consume you.


5 months ago
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