Beautiful Distractor

Sitting down Jejely,
Quietly  waiting for my turn.
This beautiful distractor comes over to my side,
Making all the attempt.
Do I really care?

Firm in the chest.
Moderate on the back side,
Tall in height,
Dark in complexion, 
Elegant I can say.
Do I really care?

I have one I adore back home. 
The one I share the vow with .
She may not be as bold as you,
I am satisfied with her simple virtue.
That I care about.

I love that golden heart lady,
Don't come close.
I don't know who is watching. 
Don't send messages,  I have sent people like you to voicemail.
Should I capture you and send her your pics,
She would almost pull out of a black diamond skin
I call her the lady that glitters .
She would burn like fire.
Asking me,
Have you touch her,  did you take her lips with yours, did she come close?
It must be a big head ache 
I known had no intent for all that.
If I do,  it won't be a open one .
For you to know our dark night of all plays I enjoy so won't share with another.
I care for you more.

I sometimes rebuke my wife for her boiling jealousy 
I secretly enjoy it.
She cares.
That I have come to hold to.
End vow silently not to let her down 
I sometimes provoke her to get those reactions
Then she would look at me and demand,
"Tell me you love me"
That I just finish saying
"Do you love me"
That I have assured again  and again 
I just laugh and enjoy my woman acting jealous for  me.
That provoked more care.

You are still there beautiful  distractor 
I have gone far,  
Move it all
Role it all
Twist,  if you wish break!
I am for who I am for.
A woman so tender 
A peace lover 
So chaste and pure like the refined gold
I will not break this vow even if what you carry is more.
She is till making the move when I hear next,  it is your turn sir 
So I went in without  looking back
To look twice is to consider. 
Look some where else, I am occupied.
I really care for who I carry in my heart.

5 months ago
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