Poetry Section

Inner Phlame.

Seeing her from afar, My heart warmed. I got stuck, I couldn't turn either way. I love what I was seeing. Beauty so pure Freshness so tender  I wanted such. Getting close, I almost got choked, She ......


Dream Killer.

Like a fetter on your feet,  It won't allow you take steps. Like a mountain before you, It won't allow you to cross over. It is the cold water running down the spine when one wants to rise. It speaks ......


No, Never.

I looked into his eyes where the heart reflects. And said to him, 'No, I won't marry you' 'Why?' He was a reflection of his father. One and again, he had raised his hand against me. I thought it was ......


Cry of a Widow.

My life stood still like the water in the pot when I heard he was gone. 'Bring him back, bring him back' my hearts cries. Bring back my lover. Bring back my companion. Bring back my territory defender. Bring ......


Victims not Heroes.

Yes, they fell while serving, But they are not heroes, they are victims. Heroes I think are people fighting a just course. They are selfless, bringing good fortune to people even at the expenses of ......


Secret of Winning Always.

No one wants to lose, No, I have never seen one. All hands are up when asked, Who wants to win? Yet not all people do. Disheartening! It makes unhappy. Defeated again! Winners shine as stars ......


I Took a Turn

(NEVER TOO LATE) Gone so far in this journey. I realised it was not the way I wanted to go. Aah! And I have come this far. To be or not to be? And I have come this far. Years in this journe, With ......


I Will Rejoice.

At dawn, I will rejoice. In dark night, I will rejoice. In the night hour, I will rejoice When morning comes, I will rejoice. In pressure, I will rejoice. In pleasure, I will rejoice. In planting, ......


Let them Go

If they are not adding value to you, If they are of bad influence, If their direction is not yours, Let them go. If they talk you down, If they see no good in you, If they don't buy your vision, Let ......


Be Grateful.

Nothing is too small to be grateful for.  You recieve because you are given. Be grateful. Don't take any act of kindness for granted. Be grateful for all received. To God, who gives us all things. To ......


Learn the Lesson.

There are lessons to learn in challenges. There are lessons to learn from your mistakes. There are lessons to learn when you fail. There are lessons to learn when betrayed. There are lessons to learn ......



Who was there? Who can say he or she saw me? Ask any mortal. Ask any man here present or absent. None, but your Shadow! It testify against. If all men lie, will your shadow lie? If no one is present, ......


Happy Sunday!

Sunday is the day of rest, Take rest round about. It is the day of deliverance, Be free. It is the day of holiness, Be clothed with garment of holiness. It is your day, Go and possess your possession. It ......


Ewa si Okan Mi

Ti a ban soro eni ti o je alabunkunfun, Ti a ban soro eni ti o kun fun ife, Ti a ban soro eni ti o kun fun ike, Ti a ban soro eni ti okan re dara, Ewa si okan mi. Ti a ban soro eni ti o ni eko, Ti ......



Nothing moved until moved. Everything remain the same until action is taken. Your vision remains a thought until you take action. Your desire remains a wish  until you take action. Plans remains paper ......