Kids Section

A Crave for Peace

(Under their play-tree,  Williams, Hannah and Esther are sited talking on a serious issue they watched in the news last night) Esther I saw them as well,  children subjected to suffering, homeless, ......


So Help me God

(Williams, Esther and Hannah are playing under the big tree.  Hannah has come to be their friend since the day they helped her. They are talking about their future career. ) I want to become a journalist ......


Show some Love

[Esther and William are going down to the big tree.  They see Hannah crying, she has fallen down and cannot get up without help.] Esther Let's go help her. Williams I don't know her. Why should ......


Be a Help to Mum

[Williams sits under a tree, crying. Esther comes around excitedly.] Esther  Hey williams, I have got a surprise  for you. [She gets no response. She moves close to him and sees Williams crying] What ......


Williams meets Esther

[Esther sits under a big tree alone. She does not look happy. She has no one to play with. Williams walks down that way, he sees Esther and speaks to her.)  Williams Hello!  Esther Hello! How are ......