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Rest In Peace

The pain of your loss hurts me daily like a fresh wound. Tears flows in my soul. Can’t just get over your loss. You worth more than silver and gold. Losing you is like losing a good part of me.  I...

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You look it, But you are not it. You got fear. You don’t believe in yourself. You lack self compassion. Your self evaluation, poor. You never forgive self. You're full of regret. your eyes is...

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Peace of Mind

(A man and his wife are sited in their living room. They are exchanging words.) Husband When your cup is full, I will throw you back to where I picked you from. A woman without sense. Wife What...

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Work on Yourself

“I want the person who will take me for who I am” Rose said     Looking at the record of who she was, she needed to work on herself. She needed to work on discipline. She doesn’t have that. Whosoever...

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An Encounter with Love

    I grew up in wickedness, hostility and hatred. It started when my mother died in a polygamous family. You know what that means, you have many people and yet nobody. I was treated with great hostility...

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An Encounter with Jack

      When I saw him, I knew he was not my match so I had to humble myself. I had the unusual height. I had the unusual strengt. Instead of using it to help myself, I go about bullying those older than...

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An Encounter with Robbers.

      I have always ridiculed the idea of been robbed by a man like me. Whenever anyone talked about it, I always look at such person as a coward “a man like me will walk into my house and cart away...

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An Encounter with Christ

    I had everything I needed. Money, fame, I knew people of substance and lived my life the way it pleased me. They talked about Jesus.   I don’t give a damn. I don’t need him, I had all I needed....

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An Encounter with a Ghost

  I have always boasted of my no fear for ghosts. When people tell tales of ghost in dread and fear, I discard them by laughing out loud. Ghosts are spirits of dead people and they are highly harmless.   ...

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Begin From Her

You said, you love me. you will do anything for me. you will make my fantasy come true in the  way you can. you care. you will do anything for me. make sure I have beautiful life. And lots more. But...

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Go Start From Home

    Walking jejely on my own to my father’s compound, James came out of theirs and stopped me. He was the rude guy of our street; honoring no one, just doing his things in his folly. “Hey Rose,...

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[b]    [/b]There is one MOAN supermarket down my street.  I always go there to get few things and also to kill boredom. This evening, I was so bored that nothing in my room made any sense to me at...

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[b]Tell mama, I [/b]will be back Tell papa, I will be back. I got to go on this journey. To discover self I noticed there is more to me But this environ seems to suppress it. I decide to go to where...

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                    1 The voices of whimpering women sitting on the left flank as you enter the police station could be heard. Their statements will be taken as witnesses to the bloody onslaught...

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No Pass Your Boundary

  I no dey pass my boundary. You know say, If then slap me, na so my eye go dey comot water as if say na rain dey fall. If na blow then give me, e go take make den pour water on my head before I wake. If...

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