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My White-African Friend

She barely speaks the tiwa n tiwa.  She prefers the fitin fitin. She makes me laugh the rolling laugh, arintakiti. She uses today for yesterday, and yesterday for today. 'I go there yesterday' If...

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Until I Turned

I woke in to it.  Up and down, the spoon broken, the gourd shattered.  I remembered mother's cashless chase.  Still growing in it, mother yelled in fail.  Up in age, the self-conscious...

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From the free days, He has been a dreamer. He is from the tribe of Joseph. The future is clear. In higher level. At 22, a graduate. At 35, married with three kids. A master mansion. Lovely...

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Trust on the Immortal

I did it the first time, I got my finger burnt. I did the second time, I got my whole arm burnt. I won't do it this third time  Lest I get the whole of me burnt   I won't expect...

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Thanks to my Father

Thanks to my father's cane Kudos to my mother's slap Grateful to the tongue of rebuke. They all helped to shape me.  And mould me a child of praise.   Back then I thought father hated...

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Oh blood! A pride is shattered  A tender purity is marred The weak is weakened and polluted The rose all love to watch has lost it beauty.  Good bye days of pride. Once innocenct,  admire...

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Mr. Tope's mother.  You will leave this house.  Pack your things and leave, let the woman that will give my son children come in.  And I told my son then o,  but he won't listen.      This...

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Valued Lover

     John had been in relationship with T. Y for two and half years.  They loved each other and played with the modern day rule, women love money,  men love the other room. John was a simple guy...

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Turn Back the Hand of Time

Turn back the hand of time  Turn back the hand of time  Turn back the hand of time  So my heart cries. Sometime I asked what for?  I say to grap my life as it should be.  I was defiant...

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Pick Up your Strength

Weep no more Pick up your strength It is no more new that mother is gone All the the kindly promise Hardly come to pass But your palm cannot fail you There had been non as trustworthy...

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Promise to my Unborn Child

Oh precious jewel How I await your coming. Come soon and enjoy the life everyone dreads to end.  I promise you,  I will do everything for you.  I will treat your mother right for...

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A PUZZLE UNSOLVED  The blind laughs at the deaf;  blocked ear entity. The dumb laughs at the blind;  blind bat. The armles laughs at the dumb; bond tongue. The deaf laughs at the lame;  withered...

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