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Nothing moved until moved. Everything remain the same until action is taken. Your vision remains a thought until you take action. Your desire remains a wish  until you take action. Plans remains paper...

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Made a Victim

     The rain was falling and we were at it again. Anytime rain came down, we were at work to secure the little we had from been spoilt but we always fail to stop it, we end up cleaning and cleaning...

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From Lust to Lost.

       Joe and Anita were happily married with a daughter to be proud of anywhere. Though  small yet intelligent and strong, could comprehend many things. The couple were dilligent, leaving as modern...

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My Love and Secret keeper.

       Among those who knew me then,  I was very popular. A popular messenger of death,  I killed for a living - I mean that was where I get my money. Stubborn activist who wanted to mar a political...

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Fear of No

I rather keep this in me unexpressed, Than to express and get a no. Having you around  Is better than losing you totally. Having it in mind will make it real to me, May be the love will thrive. Having...

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Rise to Win Big

Life has two faces.  The one I have always known was of good and kindness.  I kept on with this until my innocence was marred, I became a mockery,  The mother of an unwanted son.  With this, I...

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      Ewa-ewe was the beautiful daughter of Adigun, an herbalist in Ora. He had four sons and this beautiful girl was the only daughter. She was beautiful to behold in this wild world of good and bad,...

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Death Ends it All

Death ends the brights, So also the dulls, Death ends the fruitful trees, So also the unfruitful ones. Death ends the dry woods, So also the fresh ones. Death ends all success, So also failures. Death...

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I am Unique

You look at my feet and says, they look wogowogo. I am me . The wonderful work of Aseda. I am unique in my own way. You look at my eyes and you say, they look opolo(Oju yobo). I am me. The fearful...

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     So I came home with my love. We have been  for a good time and it had been love, and all love. Getting the back of each other, we were there together in the sunshine and when it got a little bit...

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Tunde Ajose

A great one is cut short. A God's lover is taken off. Vision ends like mirage. Generation of his kind would never be. Oh sorrow! You blessed us the little time you spent with us. Time spent together...

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Just a Little More.

Just a little more, Just a little more,  Just a little more,  'A little more what?' He said curiously.  Patience.  Just a little more, Just a little more,  Just a little more,  'A little...

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I am not abiku,  Whatever binds us, disregard. I am for vengeance;  A consequential child.  Who came to pay back the pain you caused.  When I was sure hope to come,  All things set in me and...

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I Burnt the Canoe

When I stepped into the path of success , I burnt the canoe. Never, no mater what, NO GOING BACK. Then as I ascended different levels, I burnt the canoe. Never, no mater what.  NO GOING BACK Still...

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Gold for Iron

      Five young men were set on a treasure field. Each had a portion to himself. Each portion was layered with five treasures; iron, ivory, diamond, silver, and gold.  They were meant to dig out the...

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