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Bridle that Mouth

Now that you have created a hole in your life,  and the fire of it devours you, you point accusing finger to enemies not sure. Look inward and see who the enemy is. Have you forgotten your secret...

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Ahmad weds Sholape

         Ahmad is in charge of the gate,  washing cars, trimming the flowers and other works that concern the compound. If we have heavy loads to lift, he also helps out. Sholape on her side is in...

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We won't Follow You

        Bro phelix kept bringing his church fliers to his office. Inviting his colleagues to come and worship his God. Time over time, nobody followed him. One day he sat among his friends in the...

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Inner Phlame.

Seeing her from afar, My heart warmed. I got stuck, I couldn't turn either way. I love what I was seeing. Beauty so pure Freshness so tender  I wanted such. Getting close, I almost got choked, She...

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Dream Killer.

Like a fetter on your feet,  It won't allow you take steps. Like a mountain before you, It won't allow you to cross over. It is the cold water running down the spine when one wants to rise. It speaks...

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Give your Best.

         Adewale kept having same experience year after year. He worked so hard but he never thrived. Were the gods unfair, other who do not work as hard had the year ahead of them always blossoming....

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No, Never.

I looked into his eyes where the heart reflects. And said to him, 'No, I won't marry you' 'Why?' He was a reflection of his father. One and again, he had raised his hand against me. I thought it was...

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Free Ride.

      It was one evening, I was returning  from work with my two friends. We were all self employed, trying to build a vision on our different tracks. Jane was a web designer, graphic designer and...

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Epistle of Horror.

FROM A CARING FRIEND TO ANOTHER IN A TROUBLED LAND. Dear Sunday,  How are you Sunday? How is your family? Hope you are save? The last time I heard from you was before the last attack on your village....

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Cry of a Widow.

My life stood still like the water in the pot when I heard he was gone. 'Bring him back, bring him back' my hearts cries. Bring back my lover. Bring back my companion. Bring back my territory defender. Bring...

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No Cover

Kidnapped by ritualists

It was a blistering and hot thursday afternoon i had just returned from class and was sweating like a fish that just found itself in the middle of the Sahara( mind me na hungry dey catch me!).I...

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Victims not Heroes.

Yes, they fell while serving, But they are not heroes, they are victims. Heroes I think are people fighting a just course. They are selfless, bringing good fortune to people even at the expenses of...

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Early Days

         Early days are so sensitive. Am I right? Those days when decision are taken by what we wanted and not by what we needed. The days where the now seem to matter more and the ones to come would...

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Friend's Exchange.

Oremi,         How are you doing over there? How are your parents, your siblings nko? I believe they are doing fine. How is my love doing? The one who moves my heart, the one I feel right here even...

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Secret of Winning Always.

No one wants to lose, No, I have never seen one. All hands are up when asked, Who wants to win? Yet not all people do. Disheartening! It makes unhappy. Defeated again! Winners shine as stars...

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