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Indispensable Man by Saxon White

Sometime when you're feeling important;  Sometime when your ego's in bloom Sometimes when you take it for granted, You're the best qualified in the room,  Sometime when you feel that your going  Would ...

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I Don't Regret a Mile By Howard Goodman

I've dreamed many a dream that's never come true,  I 'very seen them vanish at dawn,  But enough of my dreams have come true To make me keep dreaming on.  I've prayed many a prayer that seemed...

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To-morrow by Edgar Guest

He was going to be all that a mortal should be To-morrow.  No one should be kinder or braver than he To-morrow. A friend who was troubled and weary he knew, Who'd be glad of a lift and who needed...

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Lover's Admiration

A lover stood to admire her man. Love mi. You are the delight love I joy in.  I can fight tens of dragon to have you cause I need you.  I can climb the highest mountain to have you because you worth...

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Ewa ile Adulawo

Lotoni opolopo ohun iyebiye ni owa nile Adulawo. Opolopo eniyan to ni  iwon to kunju. Awon obinrin bi egbun,  Won ni ewa ninu de ita. Awon okunrin bi oba,  Okun won n gbe ile duro. Ani won lopo. Beni...

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Character and Attitude.

Listen here, You are the first person in your life Your attitude and character is the first thing in your life. If you lack this, no matter how promising the future may look, You will not get there. Check...

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Self Discovery.

     There is a Story about a farm boy  from Colorado who loved to hike and rock climb. One day while climbing in the mountains, he found an eagle's net with an egg in it. He took the egg from the...

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A Stone Thrown in the Market

Dr. Sure was an intelligent  doctor with good works to back it up.  He worked hard when on duty and at other time, he took his pleasure and comfort more serious.  He had one principle, once his duty...

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Victim Heroes

Ooh dear! Wives cry  Ooh father! Sons cry Ooh son! Mothers cry Oh victim heroes! Others cry It has become part of us,  And it is unending.  Why leave too soon? We still need you here.  Who will...

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The Anger I Love

She is angry, she breaks a jewel. I don't like that anger He is angry, he spoils things with words I don’t like that anger. They are angry, they  kill a body. I don’t like that anger. I don’t...

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Ire ni temi. Ayo ni temi. Isegun ni temi. Ibukun ni temi. Aseyori ni temi. Igbega ni temi. Iso di nla ni temi. Oro ni temi. Ilera pipeye ni temi. Orire ni temi. Alafia ni temi. Ola ni temi. Aye...

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The beautiful of Africa

Africa, a land of noble birth. You are my pride. The land I desire with all veins.  My longing is in you. The land that wakes with beautiful morning. All things in you stir my beauty. The land that...

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Horror of Hell

In the world of men. I had all in luxury. I had affluence. I had large life. I had no need, they were well met.  I had knew people of high statues and had people. I lived life and catch fun. I...

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Bye to Parents' will

Let me tell you how I got my freedom. Freedom? Yes, freedom from parents' will. A year ago, I met a young lady, Jolaade.  I loved her from the bottom of my mind and I was determined to marry her. My parent...

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Owo Epo

Mo joko ninu ero mi. Orimi fun ra re mi. Ohun oju mi tiri ninu irin ajo mi, Oko mi logbon kan, osi mumi mo eda si. Owo epo laraye bani la. To ba ti kuro niyen, ooni reni kan, Tori, koseni tin bani...

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