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I Burnt the Canoe

When I stepped into the path of success , I burnt the canoe. Never, no mater what, NO GOING BACK. Then as I ascended different levels, I burn the canoe. Never, no mater what.  NO GOING BACK Still...

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Gold for Iron

      Five young men were set on a treasure field. Each had a portion to himself. Each portion was layered with five treasures; iron, ivory, diamond, silver, and gold.  They were meant to dig out the...

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Costly Mistake

       The call of God was heavy on Pastor Joseph. It was obvious the Lord was with him as a vessel unto honour. He confirmed his words with signs and wonders. After about five years of working under...

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My Orange Tree

I  planted an orange tree, Right in front of  my house. All eyes coming in and out could see it. One thing about it was, When it was time to fruit, It brought out one; okan soso.  Mouth laughed...

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You Come to Mind

When people talk about one so blessed, When people talk about one so loving, When people talk about one so caring, When people talk about one so kind,  You come to mind.  When people talk about...

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Man had conquered many things. Man had conquered beasts. He has conquered aliens. He had conquered man,  race, even nation. Man had conquered angel,  Jacob turned Israel. Man must battle and win...

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Epistle: From Son and Mother.

Dear mother,       Mami how are you?  Hope you are fine? All glory be to God for a good life.       Mami, I am sorry for ever disobeying one out of those words of counsel you gave me. You were...

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Leave me for me.

Pages of my heart filled with pain. Born into this hostile place. In doubt, if there is a room for me here. Queer, they call me. Disgusting and detestable to most. Daily in fear, living in danger. Fear...

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Sister Maria

     Sister Maria was beautiful in her own way. Desirable for those who can recognize true beautiful.  It was not the make up or make over thing. She had the desire of getting married early but things...

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A Marriage Cooked in a Hurry

      My brother, Adebayo had always talked of his love to study and live abroad since we were small. He didn't just talked about it, as he grew up, he worked towards it. After his secondary school,...

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Sister Janet

       Sis Janet locked herself in the room, she made up her mind to end it all that day, enough is enough of all these challenges she was facing. Things must work in her favour, all this she was facing...

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And she Died

And she died the day she gave up. Little did she know that sometimes one does not hit success on the first strike. Beyond that, many got it after the tenth strike. All the glamour, all the glory,...

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No Atonement, No Sacrifice

Go and Honour your Parents  The labour of years, Right from youthful days. The drumless dance, The striving sweat, The day father go hungry for  all to eat,  The day mother ask to feed the children, The...

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Never again

"I don't know what I did to deserve this.  I gave my best into this relationship" Tina cried. "It is alright  dear. It is painful but you know you cannot, you can't force what he does...

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Restore by Faith

         There came a storm that took all he had away.  The ones he loved,  the ones needed,  the ones wanted. All that he had. But one little thing was left in him, Faith in God. Though the loss...

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